Matchday Column

How I became the West Ham announcer. I moved to East London from Cambridge when I was six. I think my parents may have done the driving, but I imagine I did most of the packing and dealing with estate agents. Growing up in Clayhall it was a no-brainer that I should be a Hammer. […]

Putting the ‘U’ in Humour

One of my most popular talks is on how to use humour effectively when you are speaking in public. As a professional speaker I use humour a lot.  It helps keep the audience engaged. If they are being entertained, they are less likely to switch off and stop listening.  It’s so much easier to put […]

Too mean to pay to hear me talk? Here’s some free speech.

One of my most popular talks is ‘Putting the U in Humour’. It’s aimed at business people who want to get their message across more effectively by keeping their audience entertained. Its a 30 minute keynote or a 60 minute interactive workshop. The main message is to forget telling old jokes and concentrate on using […]

Ten Ambitions for 2010

When I was a little boy growing up in East London, I remember Mr Carter, the headmaster, talking to us one day in assembly.  He said we could achieve anything we wanted in life, as long as we wanted it enough. He reminded us that Noel Edmonds had been a pupil at our school, and […]

Alvin Law interview- part 1

Here’s part one of an interview with brilliant Canadian speaker Alvin Law. [ti_audio media=”620″ autoplay=”1″] Alvin was born with no arms, a victim of the thalidomide drug.  I was inspired by this amazing man, who plays the keyboard with his toes. He’s a natural storyteller and I’ve seen few who are better at holding an […]

Phillip Van Hooser interview

[ti_audio media=”444″ autoplay=”1″] Picture courtesy It was a great to meet the National Speakers Association President Phillip Van Hooser. I interviewed Phil at the Professional Speakers Association convention in November 2009 in the UK. He was the only American at my talk ‘Putting the ‘U’ in Humour’. Afterwards I was worried that I might […]

Tim Gard with me

[ti_audio media=”428″ autoplay=”1″] Picture courtesy of Here’s my interview with Tim Gard, the brilliant American speaker.  He’d just come off stage at the PSA 2009 convention in Marlow. His after dinner set was hilarious.  For me it was extra special because it was my birthday, and Tim invited eight fellow speakers onto the stage […]