Write your own introduction

As well as speaking for a living, I often act as the MC or compere at an event. It’s not rocket science. I  tell people where the fire exits and toilets are located and glare at them until they switch their mobile phones to silent. Then I pop up in between speakers, make a few […]

Too mean to pay to hear me talk? Here’s some free speech.

One of my most popular talks is ‘Putting the U in Humour’. It’s aimed at business people who want to get their message across more effectively by keeping their audience entertained. Its a 30 minute keynote or a 60 minute interactive workshop. The main message is to forget telling old jokes and concentrate on using […]

Ten Ambitions for 2010

When I was a little boy growing up in East London, I remember Mr Carter, the headmaster, talking to us one day in assembly.  He said we could achieve anything we wanted in life, as long as we wanted it enough. He reminded us that Noel Edmonds had been a pupil at our school, and […]

Petula Clark interview

Here’s an interview with Petula Clark from my afternoon show on BBC Greater London Radio (GLR)  in the mid-nineties. Click here to listen (Many thanks to unofficial GLR archivist Mick Freed)

7 ways to be a MediaMaster- by my co-author, Alan Stevens

What Brian Clough could teach today’s TV performers The late Brian Clough had great advice about sound bites. “If you think of a killer phrase that sums up your story, the media will swoop on it like vultures. Keep them fed and you’ll keep them at arm’s length with you in control.” If only media […]