Lovely Clean Tigers

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wash the dirty kit of a professional rugby squad? That’s the challenge faced every day by Brenda Hargrave. She’s the laundry supervisor at Leicester Tigers. At the age of seventy she’s become a bit of a celebrity having starred in the break bumpers for Eviva […]

Ski cross

My mate Dave is a big Hull City fan.  Last season he was at the Boleyn for the match which marked my return as the announcer. It was a brilliant night, I walked around shaking hands with everyone and was so happy to be  back. Especially when we won under lights to restart our season.  […]

Phillip Van Hooser interview

[ti_audio media=”444″ autoplay=”1″] Picture courtesy It was a great to meet the National Speakers Association President Phillip Van Hooser. I interviewed Phil at the Professional Speakers Association convention in November 2009 in the UK. He was the only American at my talk ‘Putting the ‘U’ in Humour’. Afterwards I was worried that I might […]

Tim Gard with me

[ti_audio media=”428″ autoplay=”1″] Picture courtesy of Here’s my interview with Tim Gard, the brilliant American speaker.  He’d just come off stage at the PSA 2009 convention in Marlow. His after dinner set was hilarious.  For me it was extra special because it was my birthday, and Tim invited eight fellow speakers onto the stage […]

7 ways to be a MediaMaster- by my co-author, Alan Stevens

What Brian Clough could teach today’s TV performers The late Brian Clough had great advice about sound bites. “If you think of a killer phrase that sums up your story, the media will swoop on it like vultures. Keep them fed and you’ll keep them at arm’s length with you in control.” If only media […]