The Button Collector

I’m back with a new series of Collectors for BBC East Midlands Today.

Last time I interviewed people with collections of valve radios, Roy Rogers memorabilia and badges.
This time round I’ve met a man who collects saucy postcards, a cheque collector and I’ve sat amongst the world’s largest collection of Smurfs.

The feature below is with Jenny Swindells from the British Button Society, who collects, you’ve guessed it, buttons!
It’s amazing how much you can learn about social history by looking at buttons. Jenny was a great guest. We had to cut so much good stuff out to fit it into 2 minutes 15 seconds of TV.

If you’d like to find out more about buttons you can visit the British Button Society website.

Jenny also travels the country giving talks on buttons. You can contact here via the speakers page.

And if you’d like me as a speaker, then check out my talks at the top of this page. I don’t do much about buttons though.
Enjoy the feature.

If you enjoyed this feature, please check out my feature on a man who collects badges. It’s here

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Mobile fruit saleswoman

Here’s a piece I did with a man who collects everything to do with Carmen Miranda.
She’s that actress from old films who wore a lot of fruit in her hats.


Three Aladdins and lots of hats

Here’s my regular BBC East Midlands Today pantomime round-up. It was broadcast yesterday and features me at three different versions of Aladdin in Buxton, Leicester and Nottingham.

There’s a running gag of me wearing different hats for every piece to camera. I also wear hats in all the noddy shots, including the head of a Chinese lion, which you might not recognise as a traditional noddy, but that was my intention.

It was minus five the day we filmed in Buxton. Many thanks to my brilliant director Viv Holmes. The top camera work was provided by Neil Evans in Buxton and Mark Heathcote in Leicester and Nottingham.

Buxton Opera House is a beautiful venue if you ever get the chance to go. The Little Theatre Leicester is a great example of a well run smaller venue, with a dedicated team of volunteers who made us very welcome.
And the Theatre Royal, Nottingham’s production of Aladdin is outstanding for the 3D genie, which the kids all loved the day we were filming. Stephen Mulherne from Britain’s Got More Talent was a top bloke too and showed me a great magic trick.

Enjoy the hats!