The Rocking Piano

I filmed a very interesting feature today with the designer of the world’s first rocking piano.

Sarah Davenport created it from a 1900s piano once owned by the Hong Kong ambassador. It rocks back and forwards as you play it.

I should point out that there is some camera trickery at the start of the piece which involves my cameraman, who’s a gifted pianist, wearing my jumper.

Fashionistas may like to know the pink jumper is from Gant and I bought it at the Richmond branch during the January sales.

My interview with Paul Smith

Here’s my interview with fashion designer Paul Smith.
Paul fell into fashion by accident, when he was knocked off his bicycle.
During his long recovery he befriended some fashion students, fell in love with their teacher and with fashion itself.
He’s never looked back. I love his shoes and always wear them to give me added confidence when I speak at big events. (Luckily he’s the same size as me!)