Lowering my Fees

In 2010 I lowered my speaking fees by ten percent. As a result I trebled my bookings.

Back of the net! Result. Jobs a good ‘un. Etc.

I also made the decision to put details of my (new, all improved, now with added value, even more sparkly than before) fees onto my website.

My friends told me the fees were still way too high, but clients said they were surprisingly low. I’ve decided to keep them at the lower level for 2011.

One last thing I did to drive more business was to offer a ten percent referral fee to friends and fellow speakers. In a nutshell if a mate sorts me out with an after dinner gig for £1200, I give them 120 English pounds from my Talking Toolbox cheque book.

This has proved a big hit with friends, who love the idea of me going out to work and them sitting at home watching TV and earning some cash.

You can find details of my fees here including the actual numbers, yes I know it’s mad isn’t it? Other speakers don’t usually do it, but I think transparency is important. And it gets me more gigs! Hurrah.