Here’s some speakers that I recommend for your event

I have links with lots of fellow speakers. Here’s a few UK speakers that I can recommend heartily. Please mention that I suggested them. Maybe they’ll give me a small percentage of their fee should you book them. Or more likely they will buy me a drink when they next see me. Or not.

Alan Stevens is a terrific speaker on all aspects of dealing with the media. We’ve worked together on a number of projects including our book MediaMasters He has a keen sense of humour, which is lucky as he’s a Fulham fan.

Ayd Instone speaks about creativity and plays a guitar and looks a bit like the chap out of Simply Red. He also designed my Talking Toolbox logo. He lives in Oxford just near where they make the Mini. He wrote a book about surviving infidelity. Beatles and Dr Who fan.

Rod Sloane specialises in No Bull Marketing. He’s a no nonsense northerner and is very easy to listen to. Blackpool fan.
I really enjoyed his talk on ‘How to Barack Obama Your Business’.

Andy Lopata is the man you need if you want an expert in networking. I can beat him at golf, which is nice. Charlton Athletic fan.

Graham Jones is an expert on how people use the internet. He brands himself as an internet psychologist and knows a lot about stuff like Twitter.
Very smiley and friendly chap.

Kenny Harris specialises in helping you think more effectively. He’s a very funny man. He’s known on the speaking circuit as the half man/half badger because of his unusual markings. A great Scot he supports Celtic.

Mike Southon is an entrepreneur mentor and his talks usually involve beermats or Beatles. You’ve probably read his book the Beermat Entrepreneur or maybe his column in the FT. He thinks Abbey Road is the best Beatles album, but he’s wrong, it’s Revolver.

Richard McCann speaks more than any other speaker I know. He’s a phenomenon. He talks about overcoming adversity and how you can change your life. When he was just six years old Richard’s mother was the first victim of the Yorkshire Ripper.

Eilidh Milnes is the Confidence Coach a motivational speaker who’ll help you follow your dreams. Her name is pronounced Aylee, just in case you were struggling.

Michael Dodd does lots of things that I do, like media training, except he has a beard and an Australian accent. I don’t know why I’m giving a rival publicity, but hey I like him. Whatever fee he quotes you I’ll undercut it!

Chris Roycroft-Davis is another speaker on all areas of the media. He’s very entertaining with his tales of the tabloids. He was an editor in the days before newspapers were extinct.

Roger Harrop is The CEO Expert famous for his Staying in the Helicopter keynote. He has a very natty line in colourful ties.

John Hotowka is the Laughter Dinner Speaker which is a great title and one which I wish I’d thought of first. He also does magic, which I can’t do, because my hands are too small to hide the cards.

Graham Davies is a recovering barrister who is a top after dinner speaker and events host. He’s very funny and clever and does all the things I want to do when I grow up.

Lesley Everett is pound for pound the best speaker in Britain. Not only because she’s very good, but also because she’s tiny. She’s an international speaker on personal branding. Sit near the front or you won’t see her. She advises me on my appearance and urged me to ditch the bright orange watch strap. I did and I’ve never looked back, although I never know the time.

Paul McGee is the SUMO Guy. SUMO stands for Shut Up, Move On. Paul is an expert on bouncing back from setbacks. Despite his name he’s very slim and has never tried to wrestle me.

Carole Spiers is an expert on executive stress and more importantly how to get rid of it. I feel calmer about things once I’ve chatted to Carole and I’m not even an executive, so imagine what she could do for you.

Jeremy Jacobs speaks about communicating with clarity. All the best speakers are balding and called Jeremy and this fellow is no exeception. He also runs workshops on cold-calling.

Nigel Risner speaks about change, leadership and communication. He is a top motivational speaker and I’ve enjoyed watching him in action.

Frank Furness is another terrific motivator. His talks are packed with information and he specialises in sales training. Very entertaining too with a maverick streak.

Phillip Khan-Panni is a communications specialist and has won many awards for his speaking. He’ll tell you how to leave audiences stirred not shaken. I borrowed one of PKP’s book from Richmond Library, read it, met him at an event I was compering, got him to sign it and then took it back to the library. I’m waiting to be fined, but so far nothing.

And if none of the above are right for your event, give me a call and I’ll probably know someone who is perfect for you. And if I keep putting my name forward, you can always hang up!

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