Choose your words carefully

I’ve always liked crosswords but during lockdown I’ve been doing one every day as an escape from all the bad news. There’s a crossword setter in The Guardian called Qaos who definitely goes the extra mile, not only setting great crosswords but also making sure there’s a theme to each one, with lots of the […]

Seven ways to help a friend at the Fringe

  Somebody you know is doing a show at Edinburgh, what are you going to do about it? You’ll congratulate them of course, and you’ll probably go and watch the show, but is there anything else you can do to support them? Yes, there is. Lots. 1. Don’t ask for a free ticket You might […]

Sir Terry Wogan

Here’s a chapter from MediaMasters, a book I co-wrote with Alan Stevens. We interviewed 25 people from all walks of life on how to come across well in the media. This is the interview I did with Terry Wogan, from nearly ten years ago. I republish it now as a tribute to the great man […]

TV show with Katie Bulmer Cooke

Jeremy appeared on a new TV show with Katie Bulmer-Cooke from the The Apprentice. It showed him trying to get fit to take the pressure off his after-dinner suit, which has seen rather too many dinners. The show aired on Sky Channel 117 in the North East in January 5th 2015.

WHAT should the emcee/compere say when introducing you to speak at an event?

I’d like to start with a short introduction. “Our blogger today is a keynote speaker AND a compere. So he’s ideally placed to tell us what makes a good introduction at an event. With thirty years as a broadcaster he knows how to hold an audience’s attention, please welcome Jeremy Nicholas.” (Applause as your blogger […]

Sleep Talking

This kid walked onto stage at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in central London on Friday night and blew the sell- out audience away. He didn’t dance, he didn’t sing, he just spoke.

End of Season Gala Dinner

I thought presenting at the end of season gala dinner, the day after we were relegated would be a tough gig. Actually it was a great night out and I met lots of lovely people. I’ve been feeling so down since West Ham lost at Wigan, that the last thing I wanted was a night […]


Here’s my feature on the world’s largest collection of Smurfs. Stephen Parkes is in the latest edition of the Guinness Book of Records with his massive number of little blue fellows. If you enjoyed that, checkout some of my other TV reports here Jeremy Nicholas, London, UK Contact Me Testimonials My Fees Showreel

My book

Google can be a scary thing. I just googled my book title and found it on Amazon already. I’m still writing it! The book ‘Mr Moon Has Left the Stadium’ is a funny account of my life as the West Ham United FC announcer. It comes out on August 1st. It has to be handed […]


Some exciting news – I’ve made it onto the shortlist to be a stadium announcer at the London 2012 Olympics. I’m ridiculously excited about it.