Baby it’s cold outside

So this is day one of the new daily blog.
I was always starting a diary as a child. Each year I’d receive a diary for Christmas and pledge to make an entry every day. I never made it beyond January.

But here goes……

What better day to start a daily blog than Feb 10th.
It’s very chilly in London at the moment. It has been for some time.
I really don’t like the cold at all.
Winter drawers on etc.

I’m off to West Ham v Birmingham tonight at the Boleyn. Come on You Irons!

It’s a Kids for a Quid match. I’m thinking of buying three!
The wife will be surprised, but we can always give back the ones we don’t like, as long as we keep the receipt.

Jem – London -10th Feb 2010

(Bit short wasn’t it? But who do you think I am? Samuel Pepys?)