leeks_270209_rsClick here to watch the report on Leeks http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/7915854.stm

It’s Saint David’s Day on Sunday, so I found myself today in a field of leeks doing a piece for the end of the news programme.  Apart from getting very muddy shoes, I also learnt a lot of stuff about this humble root vegetable.

It was farmed by the ancient Egyptians.  Roman Emperor Nero loved leeks. He thought it improved his singing voice.  I doubt anyone would tell him he wasn’t a great crooner.  You don’t get many tyrants on X Factor, because they don’t like the criticism.

The leek arrived in Wales via Phoenecian traders. They swapped leeks for tin.  I think they came out tops in that deal, but I find leeks a bit oniony.  Which is odd because I like onions. Continue reading “Leeks”

Filming with Vikings

vikings_260209_end_ptc-_thats_the_end_of_the_norse_and_now_the_weather1I spent an evening shooting with vikings in Leicester. The Vikings of Middle England are a re-enactment group who focus on the Norsemen of the Dark Ages.  I filmed them at St Luke’s Church Hall in Leicester, where they were practising hand to hand combat.

There was an Ash Wednesday service going on next door in the church itself.  Continue reading “Filming with Vikings”