Showreel for speaking work in South Africa
Showreel for event hosting in the UK
Example of Jeremy onstage interviewing
Showreel made by Jeremy’s dog


You can find a lot more videos on the Jeremy Nicholas YouTube channel


Jeremy Nicholas and Ayd Instone set up Jemonade Video Services to provide quality videos for fellow speakers. If you need a video to promote your event or product then please contact

We listen to your requirements and work with you to create the video you need. It will be professionally shot using broadcast quality cameras, lighting and sound kit. The video showreel package includes an initial consultation, half a day filming and a day editing. All of our camera operators and picture editors are ex-BBC and have made films to a network quality standard for many years.

Jemonade Videos specialise in making showreels for professional speakers, comedians and actors. There’s some examples of our work below:

John Hotowka -speaker showreel
iCan Event for teenagers promotional film
Professional Speaking Association promo
Richard McCann -motivational event showreel

Other services include videos custom made for businesses to embed in their websites. This is usually in the form of a TV news style feature on the firm.

We also work with universities and schools to make educational materials that can be viewed on iPads as part of coursework.

To discuss your requirements please email and one of our team will get back to you to work out how we can make the best video just for you.












Here’s some of Jeremy’s appearances on BBC Television:

Jeremy Nicholas and the Dancing Olympic Mascot

Jeremy Nicholas meets Zara Phillips

Jeremy Nicholas on the Olympic Torch Relay

Jeremy Nicholas trains with the GB Olympic Water Polo squad

Jeremy Nicholas tries out fencing

Jeremy Nicholas tries out underwater hockey

Jeremy Nicholas meets superbiker Leon Haslam

Jeremy Nicholas and the world’s largest collection of Smurfs

Jeremy Nicholas and the rugby player with the mullet haircut













Jeremy Nicholas and the one-eyed darts player

Jeremy Nicholas and British blade runner Richard Whitehead

Jeremy Nicholas and the rocking piano which actually rocks!

Jeremy Nicholas as a pantomime dame with Brian Conley

Jeremy Nicholas with David Beckham and Johnny Depp (well sort of!)

Jeremy Nicholas chatting with Paul Smith in his design studio

Jeremy Nicholas and the face of Elvis Presley on a piece of Stilton cheese

Jeremy Nicholas walks the streets with Rik Mayall abusing people for speaking northern

Jeremy Nicholas with Terry Wogan at a Terry Wogan convention

Jeremy Nicholas with Matt Lucas and David Walliams ahead of a Little Britain show













Jeremy Nicholas in the shark house

Jeremy Nicholas and the one-armed busker who invented a board game

Jeremy Nicholas and the people who live as Vikings

Jeremy Nicholas and the pub where everyone is called Wayne Rooney

Jeremy Nicholas and the hotel for rabbits